Bee Flame

Artisan candles with the purest beeswax and the best quality leather. The crackling wooden fuses and the dreamy flame are the ingredients for luxury, ambiance, and romance.

The origin

From fascination for leather goods, Bee Flame originated from the studio. The search for pouring candles in an honest and sustainable way with the best quality leather.

Two generations, two totally different characters, although with the same love for luxury and artisan.

Beeswax, a magnificent product made in nature

A Bee Flame candle is fully made of beeswax, and the natural scent is sweet and light honeyish. The robust flame colors the wax gold, the light crackling of the wooden fuse gives off a magical feeling.

Beeswax is the most luxurious and noble wax type you can light up, in the past only available for noble, today experienceable for everyone.

Bee Flame chooses to work only with natural products, for the purest beeswax we need healthy flora. We support this flora through buying our wax at certified beekeepers. A part of the proceeds get donated to multiple bee funds in the Netherlands, so that we can support the health in our nature and all the pleasure from outside can be experienced inside.

The advantages of beeswax candles listed:

  • A beeswax candle is the most natural candle available
  • Favorable influence on the airways
  • Removes dirty scents
  • Produces nearly no (black) smoke
  • We help the bee population remain healthy. This is very important for our flora and fauna
  • Beeswax has more hours than paraffin
  • A gentle flame with a light sizzling sound, pure relaxation!

Bee Flame Collection

In the past beeswax was only for the nobility. With Bee Flame you can also place a piece of royalty in your house. That’s why the models are named after the different noble classes.


The biggest candle of the Bee Flame family. The Majesty has 3 wooden fuses and can be lighted up for 225 hours.


A practical format with 1 fuse. Lights up 125 hours and is an asset for every room.


Bee Flame’s entry model. Small but powerful and lights up for 50+ hours.


Premium leather


Matte glass for atmospheric light


Wooden fuse


Extinguishing cover

Bee Flame is available in Croco and Vintage

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